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Bergen in a Nutshell

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with about 420,000 inhabitants (2016) including the surrounding areas. Counting only the city area, there are over 278,000 citizens. Bergen is called “The city between the seven mountains” – which also can be seen in the city’s coat of arms (below). It is also called “City of Rain” because of the heavy rainfall throughout all seasons. In 2007 it was raining constantly for 85 days in a row without break. In 2016, Bergen set a new record as 248.1mm of rain fell during the month of July, breaking its previous record of 247.6mm recorded in July 1995.

Bergen is the main city on the west coast and is typically regarded as a rival to the capital Oslo on the eastern side. Because of the large mountain areas dividing the western and eastern parts of Norway the two regions developed distinct differences in culture and language. Today the eastern part of norway dominated by Oslo is mostly focused on services and technology, you will find the majority of industrial companies based with their operations on the west coast, typically within offshore and shipping.

Discover the magic of Bergen and its nearby fjords. Here you will find information about the city of Bergen and how to get around it.